English Language

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Examination Board/Code: AQA

English Language; 7702

Students are encouraged to develop their interest in and enjoyment of English as they independently investigate language in use. In lessons they

Assessment consists of two examination papers:

  1. Language, the Individual and Society: students study methods of language analysis to explore concepts of audience, purpose, genre, mode and representation; applying aspects of language such as phonetics, graphology, lexis and semantics, grammar, pragmatics and discourse to texts. They will also explore how children develop their spoken and written skills.
  2. Language Diversity and Change: students study language in its wider social, geographical and temporal contexts and explore processes of language change, including social attitudes to and debates about language diversity and change.

There is also a non-examination assessment:

  1. Language in Action

This involves producing a Language Investigation on a topic of your choice, 2000 words excluding data, and a piece of original writing and commentary of 1,500 words based on ‘The Power of Persuasion’, ‘The Power of Storytelling’ or ‘The Power of Information’.

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