The theme for Y7 Geography is the arrival of friendly aliens who wish to gather what knowledge they can about planet Earth:

In Y8 Geography we expand this basis through more in depth studies of ‘physical’, ‘human’ and ‘environmental’ topics. For example:

In Y9 Geography we consider key physical and human interactions, for example:



Eduqas GCSE Geography B: C112QS

The GCSE course has three examined components:

Investigating Geographical Issues: covers Theme 1: Changing Economies, Theme 2: Changing Environments and Theme 3: Environmental Challenges.

Problem Solving Geography: covers a previously unknown geographical issue and expects use of knowledge and understanding from all three themes to come to a justified conclusion.

Applied Fieldwork: tests ability to plan, organise, collect and sample data, process and present data, analyse patterns / trends, draw conclusions and evaluate outcomes. This is based on two pieces of fieldwork undertaken during the course, usually one day in the Peak District during Y10 and one day in around a large settlement during Y11.

At Ockbrook the content has been divided into ‘chunks’. Many of these consist of ‘half’ topics allowing an introduction to each during Y10 and a more in-depth follow up during Y11.

Post 16:

Eduqas A level Geography: A110QS

The A level course is assessed using three written examinations and an individual geographical investigation. The required content covers a wide range of topics with slightly more focus on ‘human’ geography than ‘physical. Topics include:

Within each topic students are required to:

The individual investigation gives students the opportunity to plan and undertake a research project into a geographical issue of their choice, usually within their local area.

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