Our main aim in years 7 and 8 is to make maths fun and to ensure confidence with basic skills and knowledge. Our other aims match those of the National Curriculum, namely

Our course involves grouped and paired work as well as independent classroom tasks. Concepts met at Key Stage 2 will be revisited before they are extended to ensure full understanding. Emphasis is given to knowing why we are doing what we are doing with much discussion in the classroom. Lessons involve spoken and written advice on setting work out properly, formal problem solving plus puzzles and games to ensure full understanding of the topics. Lessons are varied and pupils have individual help when needed from the teacher. Extra help is available through our maths club, Maths Matters, which is held each week. Homework is used to consolidate learning and check the understanding of each pupil.



Examination Board/Code: Edexcel IGCSE 4MA1

All students follow the Higher IGCSE course from the beginning of Year 9. This gives time for consolidation and extension work where appropriate. The course gives a good foundation for the further study of Mathematics at A Level and beyond.

The course includes the study of Number, Algebra, Graphs, Trigonometry, Set Theory, Vectors and Calculus. Lessons are varied and involve grouped and paired work as well as individual problem solving. Past examination questions are used in all assessments leading to familiarity and confidence for the final examinations.

A small number of students may be entered for the Foundation examinations if this is seen to be the most suitable option for them.

We also offer a few students the opportunity to independently study for the OCR Free Standing Maths Qualification (6993) which further extends their knowledge and skills. Students are supported by after school catch-up sessions each half term. This course is particularly beneficial to students wishing to study Further Mathematics at A Level.

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Mathematics: Edexcel 9MAO

The new A Level specification gives students a chance to study both Statistics and Mechanics alongside Pure Mathematics. The Pure Mathematics component builds upon skills of Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry and Calculus first met at GCSE. In Statistics and Mechanics, students are able to apply their knowledge and skills to contextual questions.  Lessons involve problem solving tasks leading to formalised approaches to reaching solutions. All students are expected to think independently but are also given step by step methods to support them.

Further Mathematics: Edexcel 9FMO

The Further Mathematics course is available to students who enjoy their mathematics and want to study more than one A Level in the subject. It involves more topics in Pure Mathematics alongside the opportunity to experience more applied mathematics. Currently we are completing courses in Decision Mathematics but Further Statistics and Mechanics are also available. Students are expected to be more independently-minded and need to be prepared to apply their knowledge to proof and mathematical modelling.

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