Students will develop their skills as performers and composers as well as developing their analytical skills when listening to music. Performance and composition activities will include opportunities to work using the piano keyboards as well as music technology.

Area of study include:

Year 7: The Elements of Music; Rhythm & Metre; Form & Structure; Folk Music; Instruments of the Orchestra; and World Music.

Year 8: African Music; Reggae; Theme & Variations; Jazz Improvisation; Indian Music; and Timbre & Sonority.

Year 9: Musicals; Minimalism; Film Music; Rock ‘n’ Roll; Samba; and Pop Music.


Examination Board/Code: Edexcel GCSE Music 1MU0

Students study three areas at GCSE: Performance, Composition & Historical Areas of Study.

Performance: students will need to record two short pieces at roughly a grade 4 standard.

Composition: students will develop their skills as composers and write two pieces of music – usually using the Sibelius software.

Areas of Study: There are four areas of study covering the following set works.

AOS1 Instrumental Music 1700-1820

Bach: Brandenburg Concertos No 5 in D major, 3rd movement

Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Pathetique, 1st movement

AOS2 Vocal Music

Henry Purcell: ‘Music for a While’

Queen: ‘Killer Queen’

AOS3 Music for Stage and Screen

Swartz: ‘Defying Gravity’ from Wicked

Williams: ‘Main Title/ Rebel Blockade Runner’, from Stars Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

AOS4 Fusions

Afro Celt Sound System: ‘Release’

Spalding: ‘Samba Em Preludio’


POST 16:

Examination Board/Code: Edexcel Music A Level 9MU0

The A level is made of three components:

Component 1 Performing:

Students will perform a recital either playing or singing. This is a minimum of 8 minutes long and should be at roughly grade 7 or 8 standard. This is a non-examined assessment: externally assessed.

Component 2 Composing:

To compose two compositions including an option to follow a set brief or a free composition. Students must also complete a composition following a brief assessing compositional techniques. This is a non-examined assessment: externally assessed.

Component 3 Appraising:

This follows 18 set works which explore the following areas of study: Vocal Music; Instrumental Music; Music for Film; Popular Music & Jazz; Fusions; and New Directions. This is assessed through a 2 hour written examination.

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