Religious Studies


Yr. 7 – Using a variety of teaching techniques to inspire them, the course content covers:

Yr. 8 – Focusing on the theme of  studying Monotheistic faiths, the course covers:

Yr. 9 – Expanding into the sphere of the introduction to Philosophy and Ethics students study:


Examination Board/Code: Edexcel code: 1RA0 (

Specification A (full course): Faith and practice in the 21st Century

GCSE (9–1) in Religious Studies A consists of three externally-examined papers.

Assessment objectives tested cover knowledge, understanding and evaluation of the syllabus content.


Post 16:

Examination Board/Code: AQA  – A level Religious Studies code 7062

Component 1: Philosophy of religion and ethics –  7062

Section A:

The study of philosophical /ethical arguments about the existence of God and selected problems in the philosophy of religion. E.g.  Arguments for the existence of God, Evil and suffering, Religious experience, Religious language, Miracles, Self and life after death. Ethics and religion – Virtue ethics, free will, the conscience, Utilitarianism.

Component 2: Study of religion and dialogues – 7062B

A study of faith and social politics to include:  A study of religion and gender, religious pluralism and the problem of secularisation. The future of worship in society and the rights of non-human animals, science and genetics