In Year 7 the Science curriculum is delivered as a series of topics.  There is an emphasis on the development of practical skills via investigation and experimentation and that science can be lots of fun.

Chemistry topics:

Particle Model of Solids, Liquids and Gases – covers how particles explain the way in which different materials behave, e.g. diffusion, gas pressure

Solutions – considers how substances dissolve to form solutions, the factors that affect dissolving and practical methods of separating mixtures.

Simple Chemical Reactions – an introduction to identifying the changes observed during chemical reactions and understanding the differences between acids and alkalis.

Biology topics:

Cells – considers the characteristics of life, the use of microscopes to identify different cells and why they have different features.

Reproduction – an introduction into how new organisms are made with an emphasis on human reproduction, the development of the foetus, birth and the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty.

Physics topics:

The Solar System and Beyond – this topic considers the Earth and its place within the Solar System, the Milky Way and the Universe amongst the other planets, moons and stars.

Light & Sound – how and why do we see and hear the world around us.


There is further opportunity to develop an interest in Science at the popular weekly Science Club.  Students enjoy taking part in many different activities including: making and testing slime, making sparklers, playing with goo and launching rockets.

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