Parents of students sitting public exams in the June session will receive a copy of their child’s exam timetable together with fees information once entries have been made. We hope you will find this information useful and as always if you have any questions relating to Public Examinations or any other topic please do not hesistate to contact school.


Candidates’ Information

These documents contain important information issued by the Joint Council
for Qualifications and will be issued to all students sitting public examinations
this academic year. Please click on the link to view these documents.



Appeals against Internal Assessment

Please download the Ockbrook School appeals against Internal Assessment of Work.

Ockbrook Appeals against Internal Assessments of Work

Awarding Bodies

Please click on below for a full list of the Awarding Bodies

Awarding Bodies


The awarding bodies offer the following post results services:

Clerical checks

Review of original marking
Review of original moderation
Access to scripts
These services are only available via the school – awarding bodies never enter
into negotiation with students or parents. The Joint Council for Qualifications
will issue deadlines for the post results services later in the year.

Clerical check

This is a re-check of all clerical procedures leading to the issue of a result. It
includes checks that all parts of the script have been marked, the marks have
been correctly totalled and recorded, any adjustments have been correctly
applied, grade thresholds have been correctly applied, special consideration
where applicable has been correctly applied.

Post-results review of marking

This includes a clerical re-check as above and also a review of the marks
awarded by the original marker to ensure that the mark scheme has been
applied correctly. This service is available for externally assessed components.
If the enquiry is about a level 3 qualification (i.e. an A level result) AND a
candidate’s higher education place depends on the outcome, the enquiry will
be prioritised. The deadline for the priority service is extremely tight.

Post-results review of moderation

This service is only available if the school’s marks have been amended by the
awarding body’s moderator. The original moderation is reviewed to ensure
that the assessment criteria have been correctly applied. The service is only
available for the whole of the original moderation sample and is not available
for the work of an individual candidate.


For clerical checks and post-results reviews of marking the candidate’s consent
is required because the mark might go up, remain the same or go down and
the candidate’s grade could be affected.

Access to scripts

Level 3 (A level) candidates will be able to request access to a photocopy of
their scripts prior to deciding whether to lodge an enquiry about results,
unless the enquiry is to be prioritised; this option is not available to level 1 or
2 candidates. Copies of scripts which have been subject to an enquiry may
be requested along with the outcome of the enquiry. Original scripts may also
be requested but will not be provided until after the enquiry has been
completed. If teachers wish to use scripts for teaching and learning purposes
they will ask the candidate for written permission; candidates may request
that their scripts be made anonymous.


All post-results enquiries carry a fee; fees are set by the awarding bodies. If
grades are amended as a results of an enquiry the fee will not be charged.