21.04.16 - Blackout performance critiqued by National Theatre

The Ockbrook School Drama Club’s performance of Blackout, by Scottish writer Davey Anderson, was recently reviewed by National Theatre’s ‘Connections’. This national programme develops young people’s skills in acting, technical and stage management and creates exciting productions of leading playwrights’ work.

Made up of 26 pupils, the Ockbrook School Drama Club put on an impressive performance to Connections Director, Tess Seddon, who described it as “a highly inventive, physical and evocative production of Blackout.”  With both positive and constructive feedback, our students will now develop their performance in preparation for transfer to the professional stage next month.

Tess was very impressed with the heavily electronic sound design which she said “worked well with the abstract movement of the performers”, as well as the very simple use of costumes. While the cast wore a base of grey t-shirts, jeans and trainers the addition of a black hoodie to represent ‘James’, a cardigan for ‘Mum’ and tweed jacket for ‘Dad’ “was a successful and very clear way of identifying characters for the audience.”

Derby Theatre’s Lisa Judson added: “After seeing so many plays in a week I have become almost immune to emotional work but you managed to move me to tears. You perform the material with great sensitivity.”

Taking into account the National Theatre feedback, the Ockbrook School Drama Club will perform Blackout to an audience of friends, family and members of the public at Derby Theatre on Thursday 5th May, with tickets now on sale.

Visit Derby Theatre’s website to purchase tickets.