07.07.16 - Dovedale Field Trip

As with all field trips, we’re always equipped for whatever the great British weather can throw at us. And just as well; it absolutely chucked it down on our Geography field trip to Dovedale in the Derbyshire Peak District.

The day trip involved fieldwork including studying the physical geography of River Dove, the human geography of tourism and the environmental impact of visitors to this stunning and popular natural beauty spot.

Highlight of the day was testing our agility on the famous Dovedale stepping stones. These stretch the full width of the river and invite the more daring to chance their luck and cross without getting their feet wet. Despite the treacherous conditions, everyone made it safely across.

The visit was led by Geography teacher Mr McNaughton.  Year 7 pupil, Tamsin Worthy, said: “We had a really good day, despite the weather. Just glad we packed our raincoats!”