18.10.16 - Food for Thought at University Taster Day

Understanding how the brain works is one of science’s great challenges and our A level students were given a rare insight into this important field of biological and psychological research at an event hosted by the University of Nottingham.

‘Healthy brains at every age’ was organised in collaboration with Cambridge Cognition, a world leader in neuroscience technology. The company’s groundbreaking work is improving the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of numerous neurological and psychiatric disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease.

During the day, researchers from The University of Nottingham and collaborators at Cambridge Cognition demonstrated to the students the way our brains and behaviour change as we get older, through a range of hands-on tasks and games.

Head of Psychology, Mrs Birkbeck attended the event with our students and said: “This was an extraordinary opportunity for our students to learn more about psychology from some of the leading lights in cognitive research. What really brought this learning opportunity to life was the chance to measure our own cognitive abilities using Cambridge Cognition’s cognitive assessment software.

“Their tests are used across both academic and clinical settings with a huge impact on the way mental health problems are both understood and treated.”

Psychology student, Emily Wallage added: “It’s such a fascinating subject and having the opportunity to hear about the work both the university and Cambridge Cognition are doing from the experts was amazing.”

The free one day event featured an interactive environment for students to learn about Psychology, with expertise from leading researchers, along with demonstrations of cutting-edge research and technology and the opportunity to experience first-hand how research is carried out and how psychological experiments are used to understand the brain and behaviour.