07.02.17 - Hands-on with Rolls Royce and Derby County

Our Year 8 students are now experts in applying Science and Mathematics to the worlds of flight and football, thanks to an interactive workshop at the iPro Stadium led by representatives from Rolls Royce and Derby County Football Club.

Kick-Off & Take-Off’ is a new and innovative school-based programme developed by Rolls Royce and Derby County FC. The sessions are split into two halves and aim to engage and inspire pupils about how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects can be used in later life.

We were joined by friendly staff from Rolls Royce for the first part of the day. They explained the application of Science and Maths in the aerospace industry and how design parameters can affect engine and aircraft performance. The session was brought to life as students designed their own paper airplanes, competing to see whose could fly furthest. They then took part in an Engine Build Challenge, with each group re-building a small model Rolls Royce engine.

The next session with Derby County FC looked at how statistics and Maths can be applied to analyse the performance of professional footballers and how managers can use this in player selection and team tactics. The ‘Kick-Off’ section was made up of a number of football-based activities such as a penalty shootout game and a passing game, along with a workbook of engaging activities, just a stone’s throw from the Derby County football pitch.

Head of Mathematics, Mrs Newton said: “The day itself was extremely entertaining for our students. The sessions really excited them about the application of Maths and Science in the football and aerospace industries. It was a very well-organised workshop and the school would like to thank Rolls Royce and Derby County FC for a very enjoyable and memorable day of learning away from our desks.”