05.07.16 - History Brought to Life at the Galleries of Justice Museum

Our time travelling Year 10 students enjoyed a trip back to the 14th century to find out all about Nottingham’s horrible history at the excellent Galleries of Justice Museum.

The museum is housed in Nottinghamshire’s slightly forbidding old Courthouse and County Gaol. Our visit was an educational opportunity for students to learn about the development of the UK’s legal system and how the use of punishment as means to keep order, has changed over the centuries.

The Galleries of Justice has a great, hands-on approach to bringing history to life. We all got a taste of what England’s crime and punishment regime was really like. We got to touch and hold the museum’s extensive crime and punishment collection, as well as getting stuck into the Suffragettes ‘Deeds not Words’ workshop, which highlights the extreme lengths women went to in order to obtain the vote. The day ended with a fun and insightful mock parliamentary debate in the historic courtroom.

“The visit to the Galleries of Justice Museum was a real eye opener and something we can reflect on with our studies. The tour of the building was really interesting, especially going into the cells which were once used to hold prisoners.”