27.01.17 - Ignoring iGCSEs Confuses Department for Education’s Performance Tables

To give clarity to the misleading Department for Education (DfE) performance tables, which report the new ‘Attainment 8’ measure, we would like to highlight that due to the non-inclusion of iGCSEs the reported figures do not represent the true performance of Ockbrook School.

You may have noticed our position in Derbyshire GCSE performance tables using the DfE’s preferred Attainment 8 method in the Derby Telegraph, which does not count success in iGCSEs, is published as 23.1.

Tom Brooksby, Headmaster, Ockbrook School, explains: “The issue with current DfE performance tables for us is that they do not count International GCSEs. Our students take a mixture of iGCSEs and ‘regular’ GCSEs, but their English and Mathematics are International so these figures incorrectly place our position in the table of Derbyshire schools.

“We have done our own ‘shadow analysis’ and if iGCSEs were counted our Attainment 8 score would be 62.3. This compares very favourably to the competition and would place us in second place across Derby and Derbyshire. It is important that this information is given context so that students and parents do not get a distorted picture of local schools.

“Ockbrook remains one of the highest achieving schools in the region and prides itself on developing all aspects of the young people it serves”.

The Independent Schools Council states: “Many of the best independent schools enter pupils for the International GCSE in some subjects when the pupils are 16. The iGCSE does not appear in the DfE Performance Tables and this is why such table can list our highest-achieving schools as having scored zero passes in English and Mathematics. That is why the A-level grade score is a better statistic to use when comparing schools.”