15.12.17 - Laugh-Out-Loud Performance by Year 7 Students

What better way to get in the festive spirit than with a laugh-out-loud pantomime, directed and performed by our talented Year 7 students.

During drama class this half term, 7M has been perfecting their theatrical skills and analysing pantomime performance styles. Students had five hours of rehearsals and because drama is not just about performing, they have also been responsible for set design, costumes, music and props.

The result was a fabulous performance of ‘15 Pantomimes in 15 Minutes’. It was performed to students and members of staff in the primary school, with many left in tears of laughter.

Head of Drama, Mrs Colgan says: “Performing to an audience is key to developing confidence. This was the perfect way to support the crossover between primary and secondary school.

“Students worked with me in the role of director, auditioned whilst learning about the stock characters and key elements of pantomime before putting the performance together as a team. They were all fabulous and received countless congratulations for a spectacular show!”

One of the children who took part in the performance said: “I really enjoyed performing what we had created in class in front of teachers and children in our primary school. It was a little scary at first but everyone gave us a round of applause afterwards and said we did a great job. I’m now looking forward to see what we’ll be doing in drama next term.”