08.07.16 - National Space Centre

Year 9 students recently enjoyed an ‘out of this world’ trip to Mars at the National Space Centre, in Leicester. Fortunately they returned to Earth on the same day with an enhanced insight into the workings of our solar system!

The National Space Centre is one of the UK’s leading visitor attractions that is devoted to space science and astronomy. A simulation of a trip to Mars entitled ‘Mission to Mars’, a presentation in the Space Theatre called ‘Astronaut’ and a tour of five different themed interactive galleries all added up to an action packed day out.

Year 9 student, Vicki Heppinstall said: “There were loads of interactive hands-on activities that really brought the whole experience to life. Travelling to Mars in a simulator was definitely a highlight, it was amazing!”

The day out was organised by the Science Department. Thank you to the National Space Centre for a enjoyable educational visit, a delightful experience for both students and teachers.