09.12.20 - A Day in the Life of a WWII Evacuee

History came to life for our Year 6 students thanks to a fantastic World War Two Experience Day organised by our Primary Department. 

Embracing the war-time theme, children arrived at school dressed in soldier and evacuee costumes and took part in a jam-packed day of practical activities that aligned perfectly with the current history curriculum.

The children started the day with the ‘Evacuation Experience’, making gas masks and learning about the experiences of evacuees. This was rudely interrupted by the shrieking sound of an air raid siren. Children sought refuge in a home-made Anderson Shelter, which had been put up in one of the classrooms. There was a period singing and swaying to keep the spirits up.

Soon after, it was safe to go back outside. The next activity was ‘Going to the Pictures’. Children exchanged ration tickets for cinema refreshments and queued for an old-fashioned sweet shop.

The day concluded with the WWII Army STEM Challenge, organised by senior school teachers. Replicating the experience of supply drops, children had to create a parachute to safely land an egg from the top floor of the Grange building. The activity caused a great deal of excitement.

Sue Worthington, Head of Primary at Ockbrook School, says: “Stepping out of the classroom makes learning more exciting. Everyone got well and truly stuck into the activities and looked the part dressed in WWII fancy dress. We hope the amazing day of learning will live long in the memory of our students.”

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