03.10.19 - Success at Derby Arts Festival

We are extremely proud of our talented students for achieving 64 podium positions at this year’s Derby Arts Festival.

The popular festival is an annual music, dance and drama talent contest with tough competition from thousands of participants. Our students proudly walked away with 18 trophies, 25 second place awards and 21 third places.

Headmaster, Tom Brooksby says: “Once again our students have excelled at Derby Arts Festival with a total of 64 awards; this is Ockbrook School’s best ever result. This success is also a reflection of support applied by our talented teaching staff and the many hours they invest in coaching our students. Everyone involved should be extremely proud of their achievements. Congratulations!”

Jane Ford is one of our visiting music teachers. She adds: “Students really did excel themselves this year at Derby Arts Festival. Everyone worked phenomenally hard; we couldn’t be prouder of each and every one who took part. What a wonderful week of music-making we have enjoyed together.”

Full results: Instrumental


>In25 – Initial or Preparatory grade standard Piano

Gracey Ryan, ‘Midnight Shadows’ – 1st Place

Kit Scase, ‘Largo’ – 2nd Place

Naomi Hutchinson, ‘Apple Pie Waltz’ – 3rd Place

Ava Turner, ‘Summer Fair’ – 3rd Place

Luke Morris, ‘Train Ride’

Jenny Powick, ‘On a Bike’

Deena Kalinins, ‘Whirleybird’

>In26 – Grade 1 standard Piano

Amelie Ratliff, ‘The Echo’ – 1st Place

Meghan Crumpton, ‘Dans la Foret’ – 3rd Place

Ruby Warner, ‘The Egyptian Level’ – 3rd Place

>In27 – Grade 2-3 standard Piano

Anabelle Russell, ‘Shadows’ – 1st Place

Ella Ratliff, ‘Attitude’ – 2nd Place

Tara Bali, ‘L’Harmonie des Anges’ – 2nd Place

>In28 – Grade 4-5 standard Piano

Lois Witts, ‘The Reef’ – 2nd Place

Hayden Kalinins, ‘L’Orage’

>In29 – Grade 6-8 standard Piano

Perran Garner, Dr Gradus ad Parnassum – 2nd Place

>In31 – Year 8 & older (grade 1-4 standard)

Isabel Blockley, ‘Ninette’s Musette’ – 1st Place

Jasmine Morris, ‘Allegro Sonata in G – 2nd Place

Hannah Hardy-Smith, ‘The Echo’ – 3rd Place

>In 52 – Woodwind solo Year 10 and Under

Priya Johal – 2nd Place

>In 4 – Woodwind Solo Year 13 and Under

Aimee Hosein – 1st Place

>In35 – year 6 & under Piano Solo

Edric Garner, ‘Joyeur de Harpe’ – 1st Place (awarded Honours)

>In47 – Year 6 & under Plucked Strings Solo

Lois Witts, ‘While Bagpipes Play’ – 2nd Place

Francesca Lewis, ‘Garden of Dreams’ – 3rd Place

>In48 – Year 10 & under Plucked Strings Solo

Isabel Blockley, ‘Rondo’ – 1st Place

Sophie Cox, ‘Study no.1’ – 2nd Place

Hannah Hardy-Smith, ‘Barcarolle’ – 3rd Place

>In 12 Contemporary Guitar Year 13 and Under

Will Reeves, ‘Wonderful Tonight’ – 1st Place

Millie Johnson, ‘Supersonic’ – 2nd Place

>In 37 Jazz Rock and Pop Solo – year 6 and under

Ella Ratliff, ‘5th Avenue’ – 1st Place (awarded Honours)

Hayden Kalinins, ‘Harry’s Theme’ – 2nd Place

Amelie Ratliff, ‘Dusty Blue’ – 2nd Place

Edric Garner, ‘Film Noir’ – 3rd Place

Ruby-May Bullock, ‘Test Drive’ – 3rd Place

>In 46 Jazz Rock and Pop Solo – year 10 and under

Tilly Hase, ‘Say Something’ – 2nd Place

>In 38 Jazz Rock and Pop Solo – year 13 and under

Joyce Ho, ‘River Flows in You’ – 2nd Place


>In33 – duet year 4 & under

Amelie Ratliff and Deena Kalinins, ‘Someone Like You’ – 1st Place

Kit Scase and Harry Powick, ‘Sunshine’ – 2nd Place

Ada Moorhouse and Maisie Smith-Pedley, ‘Village Fete’ – 3rd Place

>In15- duet year 6 & under

Anabelle Russell and Lois Witts, Sonatine op.163 no.2 – 1st Place

Hayden Kalinins and Edric Garner, ‘Hall of the Mountain King’ – 2nd Place

Ella Ratliff and Jenny Powick, ‘Hallelujah’ – 3rd Place

>In16- duet year 13 & under

Joyce Ho and Maurice Hock, Sonatina in C op.3 no.1 – 1st Place

>In 53- duet year 4 and under with Teacher Piano

Amelie Ratliff, ‘Send in the Clowns’ – 1st Place

Maisie Smith-Pedley, ‘Andante Cantabile’ – 2nd Place

Deena Kalinins, ‘My Heart Will Go On’ – 2nd Place

Kit Scase, ‘The Trout’ – 2nd Place

Ada Moorhouse, ‘On The Lake’ – 3rd Place

Archie Bullock, ‘Waltz’

>In17- duet year 6 & under with Teacher Piano

Edric Garner, ‘The Can Can’ – 1st Place (Awarded Honours)

Lotty Bricklebank, ‘Little Rhapsody’ – 2nd Place

Ella Ratliff, ‘Scherzo’ – 2nd Place

Oscar Crumpton, ‘Royal Procession’ – 3rd Place

Rubi Cox, ‘Mama Mia’ – 3rd Place

Anabelle Russell, ‘Hush-a-Bye’ – 3rd Place

Jenny Powick, ‘Lullaby’

Alexa Turner, ‘Wildest Dreams’

Meghan Crumpton, ‘Love Story’

Ruby May Bullock, ‘Burn’

Gracie-May Addison, ‘Price Tag’

>In50 – duet 6 & under with Teacher NOT Piano

Francesca Lewis, ‘Skye Boat Song’ – 1st Place

Lois Witts, ‘Water Nymph’ – 3rd Place

Isobelle Palfree, ‘The Ash Grove’

>In18 – duet novice year 7 & over with Teacher

Kitija Willikams, ‘All of Me’ – 1st Place

Evie Midgley, ‘Skyfall’ – 2nd Place

Naomi Hutchinson, ‘Making a Quick Escape’ – 3rd Place

Freya Cashmore, ‘Just the Way You Are’ – 3rd Place

>In 40 – Own Composition Group

Isabel Blockley and Kitija Williams, ‘Autumn Mists’ – 1st Place

>In 21 Small Groups Year 13 and Under

Ockbrook Flute Group – 2nd Place

Ockbrook Handbell Group – 2nd Place

Full results: Speech and Drama

Isabelle Massie, Verse Speaking – 1st Place

Abigail Evans, Solo Acting from Shakespeare – 2nd Place

Lotty Bricklebank, Prose Reading – 2nd Place

Meghan Crumpton, Verse Speaking – 3rd Place.

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