23.05.16 - What have The Romans Ever Done for Us?

The Romans invaded our school on Wednesday 18th May! Fortunately, it was to help our year 3 History students get a better understanding of the Roman Empire and its influence on our lives today.

A ‘Roman Soldier’ from Derby Museum teamed up with our students for ‘Roman Day’, drilling them in Roman marching, teaching the ‘tortoise’ battle formation as well as playing Roman games and learning more about the Roman language. In the afternoon, the children had a mouthwatering Roman feast to finish the day and particularly enjoyed being served food by their personal servants (the teachers!).

Hannah Cross, 8, took part in Roman Day and said: “It was really fun, I really liked trying on the Roman armour and playing games. It was interesting to see how their language is very different to how we speak today.”

Mrs Morris added: “It’s so important to make learning fun! The children loved every minute of Roman Day, it was especially great to see them so involved and interacting with the ‘Roman Soldier’. On behalf of the students and school, thank you Derby Museum for a fantastic morning of learning.”

For more information on Derby Museum, visit their website: