04.11.14 - Y5 & 6 Taster Day

On Thursday 16th October, over sixty Year 5 and 6 students gathered in the Birtill Hall for the start of a day experiencing what Ockbrook Senior School has to offer.  Following some ice breaker activities in which students from our Primary School were able to meet almost 20 students visiting us from other schools for the day, it was time to attend lessons.  During the day students attended Maths, English and Modern Languages lessons as well as Art or ICT.  Students also worked together in groups to design elements of their perfect school and took part in a Science and Engineering challenge in which they had to construct trebuchets which would successfully fire modelling clay “rocks” over castle walls.  The students threw themselves into the challenge and, supported by Science staff and some Year 11 helpers, constructed some unusual and effective designs.  At the end of the day the students were given the opportunity to provide feedback on what they had enjoyed about the day before joining their parents who were meeting Headmaster Tom Brooksby over tea and cake.

There will be further induction activities in the Spring and Summer Terms.