16.06.17 - Year 3 Explore All Saints Church

Our Year 3 students had a fabulous time on a recent school trip to historic All Saints Church in Ockbrook.

We were taken on a guided tour by Natalie Cochrane and enjoyed looking at different features of the church, exploring the pulpit, altar and organ. Natalie also told us some really interesting tales of the historic church, with certain parts dating from the 12th century. Our favourite fact was that the Anglo Saxon font was rescued from being an umbrella holder by the front door and reinstalled in 1963!

Ella Ratliff said: “I enjoyed looking at the organ with all the different keys and pedals.”

Isabella said: “I enjoyed our trip because I could see the differences between a Church and a Mosque.”

Amelie May said: “The stain glass windows are beautiful and I enjoyed looking at the stories they told.”

The visit was organised by our Religious Department. Mrs Morris said: “We would like to thank Natalie Cochrane and All Saints Church for opening their doors to us. The opportunity to explore and look at the different features of a church definitely enhanced our pupils’ knowledge of Christianity firsthand, which is what we are learning in the classroom.”

The origin of a church in Ockbrook can be traced back as early as the 7th or 8th century, when Christians began to settle throughout pagan England. It is likely that the church was built on a Christianised pagan worship site. Its location close to the Ock Brook was probably chosen with baptism in mind.

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